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In November of 2009, John worked as a tech support representative for Microsoft Xbox 360 at one of the largest call centers in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines. Despite the grind of the daily job, the bills were difficult to keep up with. It wasn’t until his brother informed him about earning legitimate income online through a specific job posting platform for freelancers that he decided to quit his nine-to-five job and join his brother.

At that time, he was financially struggling and didn’t even own his own computer. Instead, he was using an old, slow computer that he borrowed from his cousin. During this period, article spinning jobs were prevalent, and freelancers couldn’t keep up with the demand for the job.

John was thrilled when he landed his first client for spinning work for SEO campaigns, even though he had no idea where the spun articles were being used. He provided the same quality work to every client and earned high ratings that led to more projects and earnings. Eventually, he was able to buy a new, decent computer.

However, it wasn’t until John stumbled upon a job listing that required search engine optimization knowledge and skills that his interest in SEO was ignited. He started reading articles and resources to learn more about SEO. In November of 2010, one of his clients offered him a full-time position overseeing all of their SEO campaigns while still doing article spinning, which changed his life.

At the time, black hat techniques were widely used in the industry, and his training was focused on implementing them. John became interested in affiliate SEO and built a few affiliate websites. They were successful at first, but when Google launched the Panda core algorithm update on February 23, 2011, everything came crashing down. John learned from his mistakes and started playing by Google’s rules.

After countless failures and learning from Google’s algorithm changes, John now helps businesses improve their online presence without breaking Google’s guidelines. He specializes in conducting in-depth site audits for clients that have been penalized by Google and help local businesses improve their leads through local SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. During his free time, John continues to learn and improve his digital marketing skills, play online games, travel with his family, take guitar lessons, and learn new skills like Photoshop and computer programming.

If you need help with your website, you can reach out to John through the contact page or social media links. Thank you for reading his story. Hopefully, it has inspired you in some way.

John Puno - Expert SEO Specialist, Owner and Author of johnpuno.com and punoseo.com

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